Woodland Meadows Blog Day #2

www.solvewoodlandmeadows.com had 459 views on its first day, so I am glad to see that our message is spreading! I am also pleased that we received a few comments, all supportive, as well as quite a few emails advising that the blog is a productive way to get the truth out, and I even had subscriptions to the blog!a

Traditional media tends to edit quotes and meanings get sensationally twisted. For example, on Monday I told Mark Ferenchik of the Columbus Dispatch something to the effect of “The unfortunate byproduct of the City taking an aggressive rather than a cooperative approach is that the City will continue to see 122 vacant buildings for a year or more while this winds through the courts”. However, when this made the paper Tuesday, the quote read “The City will continue to see 122 vacant buildings for a year or more while this winds through the courts”. This read like a defiant statement and I sounded like abit of a jerk, which probably makes for better news. I still like Mark – I think he is genuine, but he has a job to do.

I would wager that all 122 buildings will come down eventually. My investors will even pay for it – they have offered to do so before, but only in the context of a global resolution to Woodland Meadows which the City is a party to. Otherwise, they spend the 2Mil to demolish and never get it back, let alone the monies already invested. If there is an agreed-upon redevelopment in which the cost of demolition is one of the uses of new project funds, then that makes for a viable solution and we could be pulling demolition permits as fast as the City can print them. However, what is not going to happen is that the City demolishes the 122 buildings and then files a lien for the cost. This further dilutes our equity position and is an unacceptable outcome. Thus, we will be in court protecting our interests. It really is a shame that the City has such a beef with me, because you would think that if we all sat down in a room, we could probably resolve this rather quickly – I think all sides feature some sharp and creative minds.

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